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Air Fryers vs Convection Oven (Which is Better)

Are you here seeking to know about information related to air fryers vs convection ovens? If that’s true then you are in the right article.

If you are searching for kitchen problems then you are a chef or a person who likes to cook

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Air fryers vs convection oven

Air fryer

Air Fryers vs Convection Oven

This system is best in the traditional way of baking food. An air fryer is very small in size and is really suitable to keep in small kitchens.

It is a very versatile machine. It cannot cook a lot of things at once but it is smaller in size and it is cheaper compared to conventional ovens.

It uses a rapid air system to bake the food.

It is healthier than a convection oven because it uses very little oil or no oil to prepare or bake any kind of food, this is still used in many parts of the world.

Convection oven

Air Fryers vs Convection Oven

Convection oven also uses a similar system as the air fryer but more fans are added in this convection oven.

This oven is very fast compared to others and can prepare a variety of foodstuffs at

This is also a great advantage for convectional oven uses.

The size of a convection oven is bigger as compared to the air fryer which makes it a great advantage to produce a variety of foodstuffs at once

It is not so healthy as compared to the air-fire system because it requires a small amount of oil to produce food.

This system is now mostly used in hotels and big shops to prevent food poisoning.

Advantages of a conventional oven

  • It can bake any kind of food very fast.
  • We did not need to adjust anything like temperature and time
  • It has a bigger size compared to the air fire which allows us to eat a lot of food items at once.
  • It is quite expensive but it pays off
  • It has a simple design which makes it easier to understand.
  • We do not need to set any kind of timer or wait for it because it works automatically.
  • There are few foods that cannot be prepared but a convex oven can prepare a variety of food stuff.

Advantages of air fryer

  • It is smaller in size which makes it more capable of carrying it from one place to another.
  • Uses a very low amount no oil to prepare food making it healthier for our health
  • It is faster to prepare food as compared to the conversion oven
  • If I is very easy to use in understand because no difficult word for system is used to denote any kind of work
  • It is easier to handle because of its size and we have to wait for it to be baked.


What is the temperature difference between a convex and an oven in an ear dryer?

The temperature difference between conventional ovens in air dryers is only 26 to 29 degrees.

How do I convert ear fried time to oven time?

We can simply convert air fryer time to oven time by just decreasing the temperature by 25 degrees Celsius

Which one is better an air fryer or a conventional oven?

That doesn’t mean that a conventional oven is better than an air fryer or an air fryer is better than a conventional oven but it depends upon conditions like quantity time and many more if you are preparing it for more than 2 to 10 people you can use a conventional oven.

Can I use a conventional oven instead of an air fryer?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with using a conventional oven instead of an air fryer but you should remember that if you are preparing or if you are using it to prepare for more than 10 people then you can use a conventional oven but if you are using it to prepare for 2 to 4 people it is not suitable to use.

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