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Everything You Need to Know About Peruvian Purple Potatoes( Ultimate Guide )

Peruvian Purple Potatoes are the type of potatoes that have their origin in the Andes mountains of South America. It has a deep purple color with a dense texture.

They have their unique flavor and you must try it. Peruvian Purple Potatoes are rich in nutrients. They are purple in color because of their richness in some specific antioxidants like anthocyanins.

Let us tell you everything you need to know about Peruvian purple potatoes.

Peruvian Purple Potatoes Nutrition

Peruvian Purple Potatoes Nutrition

Peruvian Purple Potatoes are rich in many nutrients and have unique benefits let us know everything about them.

  • Peruvian Purple Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C which is extremely good for our skin and immune system.
  • Peruvian Purple Potatoes are rich in fiber which is extremely important in improving the digestive system.
  • Peruvian Purple Potatoes are also rich in antioxidants which protect our body and cells from any radical damage.
  • They are high in minerals like iron, manganese, and calcium.
  • Due to high potassium, they help protect our heart and regulate blood pressure.

What do purple Peruvian potatoes taste like?

As their name suggests they must have some unique flavor like their color. They surely have their unique taste which we will discuss about.

Specifically, they have the nuttiness of walnuts, earthy flavor, and a bit of sweetness of sweet potato. They are also covered with a lot of dirt when taken out from the ground.

When cooked they have a very different texture and taste from the regular potato. They have a different and pleasant smell when cooked.

What are Purple potatoes used for in Peru?

What are Purple potatoes used for in Peru?

Purple potatoes have a high cultural importance in Peru. Along with that, it has some other reasons also due to which they are widely consumed in Peru.

  • Peru has ancient stories (mythologies) that include Purple potatoes in them.
  • Due to their high minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates, they are a great symbol of health and are widely consumed.
  • They have been consumed since old times because of their pleasant color, texture, and health benefits.
  • They are widely grown by local farmers because of their demand and consumption so they benefit Peru’s economy also.
  • Purple potatoes have become the symbol or identity of Peru. So it is beneficial for their cultural image.

Are Purple potatoes healthy?

We have discussed that they have unique taste and colour and their cultural identity but are purple potatoes healthy? Let us discuss it now.

  • Purple Potatoes are rich in fiber and because of it, they help in improving the health of our gut and digestive system.
  • Purple Potatoes are very rich in antioxidants and because of them they protect our cells and show some anti-cancer properties also.
  • Purple Potatoes are very low in fat and calories so they can be easily added to your daily diet.
  • Purple Potatoes are rich in manganese which is very helpful for bone health.

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What is the best potato in Peru?

Peru has a very large variety of potatoes which have their unique significance.

It is very difficult to state any one particular variety as the best potato in Peru.

Along with purple potatoes, it contains other potatoes with unique tastes and textures like yellow, deep yellow, and light red potatoes.

But due to the high cultural significance, economic benefit, and health benefits the Peruvian Purple Potatoes are surely one of the most famous in Peru.

How many types of Peruvian potatoes are there?

How many types of Peruvian potatoes are there?

Peruvian potatoes come in an extensive range with over 4000 varieties.

They all have their unique look, taste, smell, and texture, which is amazing.

With different colors like purple, yellow, and red they come with different shapes such as long, short, oval, thin, and round.

Potatoes are widely grown in Peru and because of different landscapes, they have so much variety.

Their variety of potatoes also represents their culture and tradition.

Can diabetics eat purple potatoes?

Purple potatoes have many health benefits and are good for the heart and regulate blood pressure also but Can diabetics eat purple potatoes? Let us discuss it.

Purple potatoes have carbohydrates that can affect blood sugar levels so you should consume a moderate quantity of it or ask your doctor before consuming it.

After boiling or roasting, their carbohydrates break down and they become consumable for diabetic people.

You should also have a record of your blood sugar level adding them to your diet.

How do Peruvian Purple Potatoes help Peru farmers?

Peruvian Purple Potatoes are largely grown in Peru in different regions and exported across the world from there.

They support farmers in a great way because of their demand.

Farmers grow them and sell them at good rates because of their high demand for cultural and modern cuisines.

They also play a big role in Peru’s culture and tradition so farmers grow them largely and benefit from them.

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