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11 Food Combinations to Gain Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important and helpful for our body.

If you are underweight and struggling with weight gain then here I present you 11 food combinations to gain weight.

There are several online articles about weight loss methods but weight gain is equally important for overall health.

Remember that weight gain does not necessarily mean fat gain. Never get confused in them and follow healthy food combinations.

Without any further delay, I am directly heading to the food combinations. Keep reading the article; by the end, you will be full of the information you need.

11 food combinations to gain weight

This article delves into the 11 healthy combinations of food for weight gain.

Below mentioned are the combinations but don’t judge them based on their position because all of them are selected healthier choices.

11. Scrambled eggs with vegetables

11 Food Combinations to Gain Weight

Eggs contain a moderate amount of Calories and high protein which makes it a perfect choice for weight gain. It is not only a good way to gain weight but also healthy.

Add vegetables according to your choice in scrambled eggs to make them more nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals.

10. Oatmeal with nuts and seeds

11 Food Combinations to Gain Weight

Yes, Oatmeal with nuts and seeds is a very good and one of the most healthy food combinations to gain weight.

Cook oatmeal with milk instead of water because it will add extra calories and protein to it.

Add nuts, seeds, berries, honey, or other toppings to make it more calorie and nutrient-dense. This combination is a great way to start your weight gain journey.

9. Whole grain Bread with yogurt

Whole grain bread is a very good source of fiber and keeps you full for longer periods but when it gets combined with yogurt then it becomes calorie-dense plus rich in protein.

This combination will help you healthily gain weight.

8. Pasta with vegetables and yogurt

Pasta is a high-calorie food and the addition of vegetables and yogurt makes it full of essential nutrients, especially protein and fiber.

Cook pasta and vegetables together or you can cook them separately and then mix at the time of eating.

The addition of sauce is up to you but the yogurt combination is definitely going to help you in weight gain.

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7. Chicken and Rice

11 Food Combinations to Gain Weight

When it comes to one of the best food combinations to gain a healthy weight then Chicken and rice are surely a must-add to your diet.

Chicken is highly rich in protein and calories while rice is a good source of carbohydrates.

This combination is easily available at any place in the restaurants or you can order it online.

Remember to eat on the limit as your digestive power is also required to avail full benefits of it.

6. Boiled egg with potato

Another banger combo to gain weight is here.

Boiled egg is a very good source of protein which helps in muscle building and when taken with potato then nothing can be better than it for overall weight gain.

Boil the eggs first then cook them with potato. You can add spices or veggies according to your requirements and taste. It will anyway help you to gain weight.

5. Yogurt with nuts and seeds

Have you ever tried this combination? If not then you have missed a tasty and healthy recipe to gain weight.

Yogurt, seeds, and nuts are rich sources of protein and other essential nutrients.

This combination helps you to gain muscles and repair damaged tissues after a heavy workout which will lead to an increase in muscle mass.

4. Burger with scrambled eggs and veggies

We know that eggs are rich in protein and help in muscle building but to make it more lean towards fast weight gain, its combination with burger makes it even more helpful.

Add veggies and sauce of your choice as per your taste and your other protein and calorie-dense food combination for weight gain is ready.

3. Pancakes with sweet potato

Pancakes are a tasty and healthy choice for hard gainers. Add eggs and mashed sweet potatoes with flour and mix them well. Cook your pancakes and enjoy your healthy delight.

You can have this combination in breakfast for good results and remember to take pancakes with sweet potatoes in moderate amounts as per your digestive capability.

2. Salmon fish with rice and veggies

11 Food Combinations to Gain Weight

Salmon is rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, and that is what you need for weight gain.

Cook salmon and add veggies and spices to it to make it more nutrient-rich.

Then cook the rice and after both of them get ready, mix them and enjoy your healthy weight gain combination.

1. Banana and protein powder smoothie

1. Banana and protein powder smoothie

The best and easiest consumable combination is surely the Banana and protein powder recipe.

Not just protein powder but you can add peanut powder, honey, seeds, and nuts as per your choice.

all of the ingredients in the smoothie are rich in protein and fiber which makes it a suitable choice to gain muscles and overall body weight.

This shake combination is the most popular choice among muscle builders.

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