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20 Genius Kitchen Hacks You Need to Try

Welcome to a kitchen revolution! Dive into the world of “20 Genius Kitchen Hacks You Need to Try.” These simple tricks are about to transform your cooking game.

Ready to make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier? Let’s get started!

Lets Starts With Kitchen Hacks Number [ 20. Preserve Fresh Herbs]

20 Genius Kitchen Hacks You Need to Try

20. Preserve Fresh Herbs

Extend the life of fresh herbs by freezing them in olive oil using ice cube trays.

This kitchen hack ensures a convenient burst of flavour for your culinary creations.

19. Revive Citrus Peels

Bring dried-out citrus peels back to life by placing them in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

This quick kitchen trick rejuvenates the essential oils, adding a fresh zest to your dishes.

18. Effortless Garlic Peeling

Simplify the garlic peeling process by microwaving cloves for 10 seconds. This technique loosens the skin, making it easy to peel the garlic.

This Kitchen hack is tend to be very useful when we have a lot of garlic to peel.

17. Egg Freshness Test

Determine the freshness of eggs with a straightforward water test.

Fresh eggs sink to the bottom, while older eggs tend to float.

This kitchen tip is fancy and can be use as magic trick (kids)

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16. Mess-Free Pancake Pour

Opt for precision when pouring pancake batter by using a squeeze bottle.

This method ensures controlled pouring and minimizes the chances of a messy kitchen.

15. Iced Coffee Flavour Saver

Freeze leftover coffee into ice cubes to chill your iced coffee without diluting its rich flavour.

Say goodbye to watered-down coffee.

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14. Microwave Bacon Crispiness

Achieve perfectly crispy bacon in the microwave by arranging strips on a bowl lined with paper towels.

Cook until crispy, minus the usual mess.

13. Tomato Sauce Splash Control

Prevent tomato sauce splatters by placing a wooden spoon across the top of a simmering pot.

This hack breaks the surface tension and keeps your stovetop clean.

12. Wine Infused Ice Cubes

Transform leftover wine into flavour-packed ice cubes for cooking.

No need to waste that last bit of wine; it becomes a convenient ingredient.

11. Sharp Knife for Herb Mastery:

Maintain a sharp knife for efficient herb chopping.

Clean cuts preserve the flavours and textures of your herbs.

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10. Efficient Avocado Slicing

Slice avocados effortlessly by halving them while still in the skin.

Scoop out perfect slices without the usual mess.

9. Quick Corn Silk Removal

Microwave unhusked corn for 4 minutes for easy removal of silk and husk.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of shucking corn.

8. Muffin Tin Organization

Utilize a muffin tin for individual servings of condiments or toppings.

Perfect for organized taco nights or create-your-own sundae bars.

7. Fresh Bread Preservation

Keep bread fresh for longer by storing it with a celery stalk.

The moisture from the celery helps maintain the bread’s softness.

6. Clean Pomegranate Seeds

Tap the back of a halved pomegranate with a wooden spoon for mess-free seed removal.

This quick and clean method allows you to enjoy this delicious fruit effortlessly.

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5. Steam for Easy Potato Peeling

Steam potatoes before peeling to effortlessly slide off the skin.

This time-saving hack is perfect for your favourite potato dishes.

4. Secure Cutting Board Grip

Place a damp paper towel under your cutting board to prevent slipping and ensure a secure cutting area.

3. Lemon Juice Extraction

Microwave lemons for 15 seconds before squeezing to extract maximum juice effortlessly.

2. Cooking Spray Precision

Apply cooking spray on measuring cups and spoons when working with sticky ingredients like honey or syrup.

This ensures easy and precise pouring.

1. Coffee Filter Spice Sachet

Utilize a coffee filter as an improvised spice sachet when simmering broths or soups.

It imparts flavour without the mess of loose spices.

Final Words

These kitchen hacks are sure to make your cooking adventures more efficient, creative, and enjoyable.

Try incorporating them into your routine to save time and elevate your cooking game.

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