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Everything You Need to Know About Cassava (Root)

Today, we will get to know about a vegetable that is super beneficial for our health. The vegetable is Cassava and it is a native vegetable of South America.

Cassava has a lot of qualities and is full of advantages. That’s why we have covered everything about it from its taste, its cooking process, and its benefits.

So, today I will tell you everything you need to know about cassava. First, let us know about what is cassava and then we will move to its uses.

What is Cassava?

What is Cassava?

Cassava is a widely consumable vegetable all over the world. It is a root vegetable whose skin is brown and it is white inside. It is gluten and grain-free.

Cassava is high in fiber, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, potassium, Iron, and manganese. It is consumed in many parts of the world and is easy to grow. It can be grown easily as it requires less water.

Cassava can be eaten in many forms such as roasted, boiled, made chips, fried, and you can cook its leaves as well.

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What is Cassava Used For?

What is Cassava Used For?, Everything You Need to Know About Cassava (Root)

Cassava is used in many ways from cooking to industries. So, here we will know everything about the uses of Cassava.

  • Cassava is largely used as food because it contains a lot of nutrients and can be easily available. It is rich in carbs and fiber which provides energy and keeps our body healthy.
  • Cassava is also used as fuel and after completely making it, bioethanol is obtained. Bioethanol is obtained after the fermentation of Cassava.
  • Cassava is sticky and contains adhesive-like properties. So, it is also used to make adhesives and pharmaceuticals in industries.
  • Cassava is also used to make flour which is known as cassava flour.

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What does Cassava Taste Like?

Cassava has a different texture as compared to any other vegetable. Its taste also depends on the type of cooking like roasted, boiled, etc.

  • Raw cassava has an earthy flavor with very little sweetness like potatoes called sweet cassava.
  • Cassava also comes in different varieties known as bitter cassava which has no sweetness and should not be eaten raw because of some toxins.
  • After boiling the sweetness of cassava increases and it becomes very tasty.
  • Cooking them is the most common practice that increases their taste and texture because they can absorb spices very well.
  • Roasted cassava gets crunchy outside and softened with sweetness inside.

How to Cook Cassava?

How to Cook Cassava?

As I said cassava comes in two varieties sweet and bitter. Only sweet cassava should be consumed. Before directly consuming them follow the following steps to be safe.

First, they must be boiled until their outer rough skin becomes unattached from their white eatable part. You can check them by pressing cassavas and if they seem soft then they are ready to be peeled.

After that, you can easily peel them with your hands as the skin gets separated because of boiling. Boiling is a very necessary step to remove toxins that cassava contains.

Cooking Process of Cassava

 Cooking Process of Cassava

Now cassavas can be cooked by adding oil and spices and they will absorb the spices so well that you will be amazed by their taste.

Some people also prefer frying or roasting them to make them more tasty and sweet. They can also be eaten normally by sprinkling salt, spices, or chili flakes.

How to Cook Cassava Root?

How to Cook Cassava Root?

Cassava root or generally cassava contains some toxins that can be harmful to our bodies if directly consumed. So, never consume them directly after getting them out from earth.

Boiling is very important for removing the toxins. It not only improves their taste but makes them safe to eat. After that, their skin can be peeled easily and they get ready for cooking.

Add oil, onions(optional) and spices paste ready in a pan and after some time add cassava to the pan and cook thoroughly. You can also eat them by directly frying and roasting them.

Cassava Benefits

Cassava is a vegetable that is very different in texture from other vegetables and contains a lot of advantages. Here we will discuss cassava benefits.

  • Cassava is rich in fiber content and very beneficial for digestion improvement and overall gut health.
  • Cassava is also rich in carbohydrates which is a great energy source for our body.
  • Cassava is gluten-free and good for people who are gluten intolerant.
  • Cassava plants do not require very fertile land and a lot of water to grow, they can be grown very easily on any piece of land with low availability.
  • Cassava is rich in vitamin C which makes it a good choice for boosting our immunity.
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