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How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

“Hey there, foodie friend! Today I will tell you How to grill a tomahawk steak, picture this: in the wonderful world of food, there’s a steak that’s the Rockstar of the cooking scene.

It’s called the tomahawk steak, and it’s like a ribeye with a super long bone sticking out, kind of like a cool tomahawk axe.

Now, this amazing steak is born somewhere between the 6th and 12th rib of a cow, and it can weigh anywhere from 1.5 to a whopping 3 pounds. That’s a lot of meaty goodness!

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

But what makes the tomahawk steak a true superstar is its incredible flavor and juiciness. That bone it’s got?

Well, it’s like a super-duper thermometer during cooking, making sure your steak turns out super tender and oozing with deliciousness.

And let’s not forget about its looks!

The tomahawk steak is like a work of art on your plate, perfect for those special occasions when you want your meal to be a masterpiece.

“Alright, grill masters, listen up!

It is Time For How to Grill a Tomahawk steak,

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

Here’s your must-have gear:

A Grill with a Lid : You need a grill that’s got a lid, like the cool chef’s hat for your steak.

Charcoal or Wood Chips : Think of these as your steak’s flavour buddies. They make it taste smoky and delicious.

Tongs : You know those long grabby things? Yeah, those are tongs. They’re your trusty steak-flipping pals.

A Plate or Platter : This is where your steak goes to chill after cooking. It’s like a spa for steaks!

A Meat Thermometer : It’s like your steak’s personal temperature spy. It tells you where it’s perfectly cooking.

So, get your gear ready, fire up that grill, and let’s turn that tomahawk into a tasty adventure!

“Time for our tomahawk steak ,Ready for Action:

Steak’s Time Out : First, rescue the steak from the fridge and let it chill out at room temperature for 30-60 minutes.

It’s like a spa day for your steak, making it all cosy and ready to cook evenly.

Heat Up the Grill Party : Now, fire up your grill to medium-high heat, somewhere around 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s like giving your grill a warm-up exercise before the steak dance-off.

Spice It Up : Grab that steak and sprinkle it with salt and pepper, making sure every side gets a little love.

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

If you’re feeling fancy, toss in some garlic powder, onion powder, or paprika for extra flavour (Personal Preference). It’s like dressing up your steak for a gourmet party!

Now, your tomahawk steak is all set to sizzle and dazzle on the grill!”

Grilling like a pro, here we go:

The Grill master’s Guide:

Steak Placement : Carefully plop your tomahawk steak onto the grill,

like you’re setting up a VIP seat at a concert.

Heat up each side for 3 to 4 minutes,

or until it gets a fancy, charred look.

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

Fire Control : Now, time to tango with the flames.

Lower the heat to medium-low,

somewhere around 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let your steak enjoy this cosy spa for 10 to 15 minutes on each side,

or until it’s as perfect as you want it.

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

Thermometer Time : Get out your trusty meat thermometer.

Stick it in your steak and check the temperature.

If you’re aiming for that juicy medium-rare magic,

it should read around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s like the steak’s mood ring, but for doneness!

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

The Grand Exit : With great anticipation,

free your steak from its fiery home on the grill.

Give it a well-deserved break for a modest 5 to 10 minutes before the grand finale:

slicing and serving it to your hungry crew.

Now you’re not just a grill master, you’re a grill legend. Enjoy the feast!

Pro Tips for Steak Success:

How to Grill a Tomahawk Steak
Information Source – The Mountain Kitchen

Charcoal Charm: If you’re rocking charcoal,

toss in a few wood chips.

It’s like giving your steak a flavour upgrade, making it feel all fancy.

No Stick Trick: To keep your steak from having a sticky situation with the grill,

give those grates a Quick brush with oil.

Think of it as a slide for your steak, making it glide with ease.

Cool Down Drama : If your steak decides to go all “fireworks” on you,

gently move it to a cooler spot on the grill. It’s like giving it a timeout to calm down.

Thermometer Wisdom: Don’t guess – use a meat thermometer. Stick it in your steak and make sure it’s 125-135 degree’s

it is now cooked just the way you , me like it.

It’s like your steak’s personal temperature butler.

Steak’s Beauty Sleep: After all that grilling excitement,

let your steak rest for 5-10 minutes before you start slicing and serving.

This is like the steak’s cosy nap time,

and it helps the juices spread out, making it extra tender and juicy.

Now, with these tips, you’re ready to grill like a boss. Get out there and make some mouth-watering magic!


Q1: What’s the difference between a tomahawk steak and a ribeye steak?

A1: A tomahawk steak is essentially a ribeye steak with an extended bone, which not only enhances the flavour but also adds a dramatic presentation.

Q2: Can I grill a tomahawk steak on a charcoal grill?

A2: Absolutely! Charcoal grills infuse a delightful smoky flavour into the steak, making it a fantastic choice for grilling tomahawk steaks.

Q3: What temperature is best for cooking a tomahawk steak?

A3: The ideal internal temperature for a tomahawk steak is around 130°F (54°C) for medium-rare. This temperature ensures a perfect balance between a nicely seared exterior and a juicy, tender interior.

Q4: Should I trim the fat on a tomahawk steak before grilling?

A4: It’s best to leave some of the fat as it adds flavour and moisture to the steak during grilling. You can trim excess fat after cooking if desired.

Q5: Can I marinate a tomahawk steak?

A5: While marinating is possible, it’s generally not necessary for tomahawk steaks due to their inherent tenderness and flavour. A simple seasoning of salt, pepper, and herbs is often sufficient.

Q6: What side dishes pair well with a grilled tomahawk steak?

A6: Classic accompaniments include roasted vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, and a crisp Caesar salad to create a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

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