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How to Use Banana for Beauty, Skin, Hair, Health and More – A Complete Guide

Bananas are one of the most famous fruits because it is fully packed with nutrients.

Banana is a rich source of potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, fiber, and other minerals.

Bananas have been proven to be very effective in weight management.

Today in this article, we will discuss How to Use Banana for the various health benefits of bananas from their consumption to their other valuable uses.

How to use banana for hair growth

Banana is a fruit that is good for the overall body but not directly linked with hair growth.

There is very little scientific evidence that directly relates bananas to hair growth.

But bananas contain nutrients like potassium and silica which affect hair strongness and hence help in good hair quality and growth.

Just consume bana in the normal way and do not go behind the Banana hair mask or banana hair conditioner.

Doctors also suggest that by eating bananas normally or by making a banana smoothie you will avail all the benefits.

How to use banana for face

Bananas can be applied to the skin and there is no ham in it.

Banana contains potassium and Vitamin C which is very good for the skin.

Make a banana face mask By mashing ripe bananas and adding turmeric to it.

Now, you can apply it on your face as a face mask.

Some people may have sensitive skin, so get to know about your skin fully before applying.

How to use banana for plants

Plants grow very well when they get fruit peels as organic matter.

Banana peel is also rich in potassium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients.

Many pests get away because of potassium which keeps plants safe from the pests.

You can make small pieces of banana peel and throw them around your plants or mix them with the soil.

It will work both ways.

But remember not to throw much banana peel in just one place but in separate spaces around a plant.

How to use banana for skin tightening

How to use banana for skin tightening

As I also mentioned above applying bananas on the face is very good and does not harm almost every person.

However, some people who have very sensitive skin may check it before using it.

A Banana face mask can be made by smashing bananas and adding honey, turmeric, or curd in it.

These all things increase the nutrient quality of bananas which is more beneficial for skin tightening.

However, there is not much scientific evidence that bananas specifically help in skin tightening but they improve overall skin texture and quality so it affect skin tightening in some way.

How to use banana for wrinkles

How to use banana for wrinkles

Bananas, as experienced by many people, have been proven good in controlling skin wrinkles.

Banana face mask has been proven very effective in preventing wrinkles.

Add curd or turmeric powder to the masked bananas and apply it on your face or else you can directly rub the inner side of banana peel on your face.

It has been seen as effective in the case of wrinkles.

How to use banana for fertilizer

How to use banana for fertilizer

Bananas can be very effective in increasing organic matter in the soil, especially their peel.

They do not replace chemical fertilizers but they increase the organic nutrients in the soil.

Banana peels contain potassium and magnesium so they are very good and helpful for plants as a fertilizer.

You can directly bury banana peel around a plant or you can just cut them into small pieces and then throw them around the plants.

How to use banana for insomnia

Bananas can help with insomnia because of various nutrients and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin B6.

They all help with insomnia

Vitamin B6 is present in a good amount in bananas which helps in the regulation of the sleep cycle and helps in maintaining the melatonin hormone which is very good in promoting good sleep patterns.

How to use banana for orchids

How to use banana for orchids

Orchids do have many macronutrients needs like potassium and magnesium and banana peel contains them.

But they have a high amount of potassium in them.

Throwing banana peels as whole in high amounts around orchids may not be good for them as much of them attract pests.

Rather than cut in small pieces or burying them in smaller amounts around orchids for good results.

Potassium from banana peels helps orchids in many ways such as photosynthesis, water regulation through the xylem, and blooming.

These processes require potassium.

How to use banana for weight loss

How to use banana for weight loss

Bananas are not very effective in weight loss, especially in a direct way.

Potassium and fiber in Banana help in weight management in a great way.

Bananas are heavy so eating enough bananas will keep you to feel full and this will prevent overeating any snacks or fast foods.

Also, potassium helps in metabolism which is very helpful in weight regulation.

The high fiber content of bananas helps in digestion aid which helps in good digestion of whatever the food you eat.

Bananas also have water retention properties which help in not adding unnecessary water weight.

How to use banana for bone strength

How to use banana for bone strength

Bananas contain magnesium in good amounts which is very essential for bone strength.

Eating bananas regularly helps in getting the daily requirement of magnesium.

You may wonder how many bananas daily will be enough. 2 bananas daily can be enough on average to increase bone strength.

Not only strength, magnesium in bananas also helps in bone growth and development.

More Info – https://food.ndtv.com/health/bone-health-how-can-bananas-help-you-get-stronger-bones-5-banana-breakfast-recipes-2355909

Some precautions of using banana on the skin

Before applying bananas to the skin you must look at the below points.

  • Always use fresh or organic bananas and strictly avoid other ones.
  • In sensitive skin, people must apply a banana face mask on the small part of their inner hand to avoid any reaction.
  • If you are applying banana peels directly on acne or any skin rashes then you must have the necessary information about the nature of your skin.
  • Always Consult a doctor or health expert before banana or any fruit for medical purposes.

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