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Food that Causes Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem that is difficult to take because we are unaware of the food that causes hair fall and included in our daily diet.

This article delved deep into the details of those foods.

It is normal to lose some hair daily but you should be alert when it is getting too much.

When you see your hair everywhere. It is alarming when they fall excessively so be sure to check our list today.

Before heading towards the food that causes hair fall I want to mention some common causes like genetic causes, stress, medical conditions, and hormonal changes.

Food that causes hair fall

Food is the most important part of our daily lifestyle because it is responsible for every positive and negative effect on our body.

So, apart from genetic and hormonal factors, we will talk about the food that causes hair fall which is mentioned below.

10. Brazil nuts

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Nuts are generally healthy for our body and cells but some nuts contain specific compounds in high quantities like Brazil Nuts which are high in Selenium and can damage our hair.

Avoid high quantities of brazil nuts, especially if you are sensitive to nuts.

Allergic reactions are very common among some people that damage our scalp and promote hair loss very fast.

9. Potatoes

Food that Causes Hair Fall

If you have blood sugar-related problems then you should avoid high consumption of potatoes.

Potatoes contain a high glycemic index value which can raise blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar level leads to chronic inflammation and cause hair loss.

One variety of potatoes which is sweet potatoes must be consumed in low quantities if you are suffering from hair loss.

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8. Processed meat

Food that Causes Hair Fall

For most people, Processed meat is a daily life routine and most of them suffer hair loss.

However, they are unaware that high consumption of processed meat can cause high inflammation, and high sodium and nitrate levels which are the main causes of hair loss.

7. Corn Syrup

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Corn Syrup can cause hair loss if taken in high quantities but some people do not see any effect on their hair by corn syrup.

Sometimes corn syrup can contain mercury which opposes the production of Keratin and weakens our hair which makes them fall.

6. Fish

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Fish is healthy in many aspects but when it comes to hair health then you must know these facts.

Fish contain high mercury content which is not good for hair health if taken in high amounts.

Canned fish contain more mercury than fresh fish so try to avoid overconsumption of fish. Fish also contain selenium which makes it the food that causes hair fall.

5. Pasta

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Pasta comes in the category of refined carbs and refining takes away its fiber, vitamin, and mineral content.

You see how ineffective it becomes and with that, its consumption can disrupt blood sugar levels by raising it which leads to hair loss.

4. Alcohol

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Have you seen that people who consume excess alcohol are mostly bald or half bald? This is because alcohol disturbs our nutrient absorption abilities and can damage our hair cells.

This all leads to the weakness of the scalp and our hairs fall at a fast pace.

3. White bread

Food that Causes Hair Fall

White bread is one of the most consumable foods for breakfast and then people worry about their hair loss.

White bread contains a high Glycemic Index and it is also a refined carbohydrate.

A high glycemic index means it can spike your blood sugar levels and white bread also lacks many essential nutrients that directly make it the food that causes hair fall.

2. Sugary Drinks

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Sugary Drinks are one of the most unhealthy things for our hair and most of you might be still consuming them.

Leave them today if you do not want to see your hair fall.

They raise our blood sugar very easily which is one of the main reasons for hair fall. They so result in weakening our hair follicles.

1. Fried foods

Food that Causes Hair Fall

Fried foods are very unhealthy for our overall health.

They are responsible for hair loss because they overactivate our oil glands and can directly block over hair follicles which prevent hair growth and cause hair loss.

Most of you may be consuming junk foods daily so I advise you to leave fried and junk foods today or else you will be responsible for your hair loss.

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